The CrockPockets Family is Getting Bigger: All About InstaPockets™ & SteamPockets™

The CrockPockets Family is Getting Bigger: All About InstaPockets™ & SteamPockets™

When we launched CrockPockets®, we knew we were onto something big. Too many households wanted to get more from their everyday appliances. The speed of Instant Pots and the convenience of a slow cooker were already fabulous, but we wanted to see if we could make them even better. 

Enter CrockPockets®. You know them, you use them, you love them. 

By the time CrockPockets® launched, we were already thinking “what else can be maximized…?”

That’s when InstaPockets™ and SteamPockets™ came into being!

What are InstaPockets™ and SteamPockets™? 

InstaPockets™ and SteamPockets™ are for the Instant Pot lover (aka most of us). Instant Pots allow for some of the most versatile cooking options. You can pressure cook, steam, saute, sear, cook rice. Heck, you can even make yogurt! However, just like slow cookers, you’re putting everything in, one meal or side at a time. 

InstaPockets™ optimize the space in your Instant Pot, allowing you to cook a main course and a side, two sides, a soup and a main — any combination of food items — in one go. 

How to Use Your InstaPockets™

InstaPockets™ and SteamPockets™ are designed for standard 6 qt pressure cookers. Add a full cup of water to the bottom of the pan. Pop in your InstaPockets and place your ingredients into the individual pockets, following the cooking instructions on your recipe. 

If one side finishes before the other, that’s fine! Carefully remove the insert that finishes first in a separate dish to stay warm or be served immediately. Just note that while silicone will withstand the high heat, items inside the pockets WILL BE HOT. Handle with care!

InstaPockets™ & SteamPockets™ are easy to clean, non-stick and dishwasher safe. Plus, they keep wasteful one-use liners out of trash cans and landfills. 

We’re so excited to be expanding our line to include Instant Pots and pressure cooker fans. And we’ve seen your comments asking for this, so we know you’re excited too! That’s why we’re offering a bundle deal for the InstaPocket, SteamPocket AND a CrockPocket all in one

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