5 Helpful Kitchen Gadgets for Your Holiday Meals

5 Helpful Kitchen Gadgets for Your Holiday Meals

Sing it with us: “It’s a holiday seasooon…” We’re ready to deck the halls, put on our stretchy pants, and make merry with our family and friends. Whether you’re a Thanksgiving fan, a Christmas lover, or both, you’re likely already filling up your social calendar with meals and get-togethers. Here are some kitchen gadgets to keep your meal prep and cooking time streamlined so you can focus on hanging out with your loved ones: 

Cutting boards & prep containers

If you want to speed up your time cooking holiday meals, having your ingredients prepped and ready is half the battle. We’ve seen several great cutting board and prep container combos across the internet. These boards allow you to chop and store with ease. An elevated cutting board means you can slip prep containers underneath, reducing spillage whenever you try to scrape the last of your diced onions or chopped meat into a container. 

Automatic pan stirrer

If you want to cut down on tedious kitchen tasks, an automatic pot stirrer should be on your kitchen wishlist. They are great if your arm gets fatigued while you're stirring or you're a multitasker in the kitchen. (Which, if you’re a CrockPockets fan, you’re likely a multitasker!) They provide great relief while cooking stews, soups, and sauces.

Pie birds

Tired of your pies spilling over while baking? Is your older oven not baking your pies as evenly? Try a pie bird!  (Yes, they’re really shaped like birds. No, you won’t eat them.) Pie birds are venting tools that can prevent soggy bottoms and prevent spillover. They can be an easy way to redistribute the heat and give you perfect pies every time. If you’re someone putting out tons of homemade pies for the holidays, we definitely recommend investing in a pie bird!

Electric knife sharpener

No, for the millionth time, you do not have to throw out dull knives! Buying an electric knife sharpener is a great way to extend the life of your best cooking knives. They’re simple, relatively affordable, and a must-have for anyone tired of hacking away at veggies with dull knives. 


Yes, we’re biased, but hear us out! Two entrees (or an entree and a side, OR two sides) at the same time in your slow cooker? That’s the definition of efficiency. CrockPockets double the convenience of standard 6 qt or larger slow cookers by using BPA-free silicone dividers. These are perfect for those “Crock Pot Queens” who love to travel with their slow cookers to family gatherings. Plus, if you have family or friends who have dietary restrictions, use the other CrockPocket to create an option they can enjoy! We’re big fans of doing meaty chili on one half and a vegetarian option with lentils on the other. 

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