About Us

CrockPockets was created out of my own frustration. They're for the busy, the stressed, and the ones who want more functionality out of a countertop electrical cooking appliance.

In 2020, while making a delicious pot roast, my husband Bret expressed frustration that “everything tastes the same once it’s in a slow cooker.” Vegetables took on the meaty flavor of pot roast. Roast absorbed some of the taste of potatoes and carrots. There had to be a better way. I understood  that Bret’s complaint wasn’t a critique of my cooking; it was an opportunity for innovation. 

“What if slow cookers could cook more than one meal at a time?” became the question that captivated our attention for the next year. 

Bret and I worked together to create a silicone product that separated ingredients, designing and iterating the molds using a 3D printer. After 5 months of creative changes, we froze the design. 

Over the next 6 months of testing the design, I made more meals in my slow cooker than any other years combined — and Bret (fearing another project) loved them all with absolutely no criticisms beyond “a pinch more salt.” 

We hope you come to love the versatility of CrockPockets as much as we have!

Happy crockin’!

— Emilie and Bret, founder and co-founder of CrockPockets