5 Ways Slow Cookers Make Your Life Easier

5 Ways Slow Cookers Make Your Life Easier

Yes, the title of this blog sounds a little biased, but we literally wouldn’t be where we are without slow cookers! From busy moms to young adults on a budget, slow cookers give us the freedom to meal prep, batch cook, and streamline meals all in one tool. The best part? Slow cookers last! There are plenty of women who are still devoted users of the slow cooker they bought 10+ years ago.
We could go on forever about the benefits of slow cookers, but here are 5 ways slow cookers make your life easier:

Slow cookers are easy cooking.

If I could summarize slow cookers in one phrase, it would be “set it and forget it” cooking. (Except please don’t *actually* forget your food in a slow cooker…) Slow cookers are perfect for people who struggle with cooking. You don’t have to watch your meats like a hawk, worrying about drying them out or burning anything. You put your food and seasonings in a pot and let the slow cooker do the rest. Return to the slow cooker at the end of the cooking time and voila! Dinner is served.

Slow cookers save you money.

Slow cookers are some of the most affordable large kitchen tools ever. Most standard slow cookers can be on sale for as low as $20-$30 at major retailers! Not only are they affordable for families, but they also allow you to save on the foods you typically buy. With slow cookers, you don’t have to buy the best cuts of meat to make them tender. Cooking low and slow can make the cheapest cuts of meat taste divine!

Meal prepping becomes a breeze.

We love a good meal prep situation. There’s something truly satisfying about mapping out your meals (or your family’s) for most of the week. Thanks to their larger sizes, slow cookers make meal prepping a breeze. With CrockPocket inserts, you can handle your main dish and side for the whole week in one go. Whether you’re sticking to healthy eating or just trying to make dinner after work easier, slow cookers are a great tool to help you stick to meal prepping.

They’re easy to clean.

It’s one pot — and most of those slow cooker pots are machine washable! Granted some of the larger slow cooker pots can take up a lot of space in your dishwasher. If you use CrockPockets inserts, you can save space in your dishwasher and avoid the hassle of cleaning your actual slow cooker. Our inserts are machine-washable and easy to clean!

You get flavorful food each time.

The best part of a slow cooker is the quality of food you get each and every time. Even if you under-season your food, the slow cooking method brings out the natural flavors in each ingredient. You get delicious food without needing crazy additives to spice things up.
We love slow cookers — that’s why we wanted to maximize what people could get out of their devices. CrockPockets are easy-to-use silicone separators that give you the ability to cook multiple dishes at once. They’re also dishwasher-safe and sturdy enough to mix all your ingredients in them. Whether you’re trying to please the picky eaters in your family or accommodate your vegetarian friend, CrockPockets give your slow cooker more options for more meals with less mess. Order your set today!
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