6 Reasons to Get a Slow Cooker

6 Reasons to Get a Slow Cooker

It seems like there’s a new trendy kitchen gadget almost every day. However, slow cookers remain one of the most popular and well-loved kitchen gadgets in any home. And, thanks to TikTok, they’re having a bit of a comeback! If you’ve been on the fence about getting one, here are a few reasons why owners everywhere continue to use their slow cookers:

1. Slow cookers work miracles with cheaper cuts of meat.

With traditional recipes, the success of the meal can hang on the tenderness of the featured meat. Slow cookers, however, can transform cheap cuts of meat like beef tips, pork butt or chicken thighs into amazing, flavorful dishes. The right seasonings can transform these inexpensive cuts into incredible meals for the whole family. 

2. It's set-it-and-forget-it cooking.

Sure, there’s a thrill for some people when they’re in a kitchen. But when you’ve got kids, crazy schedules, and a long to-do list, sometimes the last thing you want is to spend a ton of time cooking. Slow cookers let you dump in meal ingredients, stir, and set the cook timer.

3. They lower the risk of over-done cooking or burning.

Not everyone is stellar at cooking. Traditional recipes can be unclear, leading aspiring chefs to overcook meat. If you struggle with overcooking things (or you’ve been known to burn a recipe or two), slow cookers are your friend! The low-and-slow cooking method reduces the risk of overdone meals and overcooking.

4. Slow cookers make large portions, perfect for meal prepping.

The most popular slow cooker size is a 6 qt cooker. They hold a ton of food! Most slow cooker recipes hold about 6-8 servings of food. They’re great for helping parents feed large families or smaller households prepare meals for the week. Cook the meals in the slow cooker on a Sunday night, and freeze or refrigerate the leftovers to reheat as needed!

5. They're portable.

Want to bring a lower-mess meal to your next family gathering? Slow cookers allow you to serve out of the same container that did the cooking! Just unplug the cooker at your place, transport it to your next dinner event, and plug it back in to heat the food back up. Heat doesn’t get lost on the drive, and you’re able to offer plenty of food to your friends and family at an event.

6. They reduce clean-up time.

Cooking your meals in a slow cooker means that you’re only having to clean a slow cooker. No more fussing with pots and pans after dinner. Most slow cookers are dishwasher safe, as well. 

With a few more tools, your slow cooker can do more than you can imagine! CrockPockets are easy-to-use silicon separators that give you the ability to cook multiple dishes at once. They’re also dishwasher safe and sturdy enough to mix all your ingredients in them. Whether you’re trying to please the picky eaters in your family or accommodate your vegetarian friend, CrockPockets give your slow cooker more options for more meals with less mess. Order your set today!

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