Instant Pot vs. Slow Cooker: The Battle of the Ultimate Kitchen Appliance

Instant Pot vs. Slow Cooker: The Battle of the Ultimate Kitchen Appliance

Instant Pot, Crock-Pot — if you’re a foodie on the internet, you’ve probably seen trending recipes for both of these kitchen gadgets. It seems like everyone swears by both products all the time! But we get it: you have limited counter space and you don’t want to clutter your kitchen with more gadgets that you won’t regularly use. 

A CrockPockets, we’re avid users of both products. We’re going to take a deep dive into the differences between slow cookers and pressure cookers like Instant Pot. (Read to the end for a very, veeeeryyy exciting announcement!) 

The biggest difference between slow cookers and Instant Pots

It’s simple: slow cookers slow cooks whatever is inside. That’s it. That’s the meat-and-potatoes of what it does. Sometimes slow cookers come with saute features or sear settings. However, most people do sauteeing or searing before anything hits the cooker. Instant Pots, on the other hand, have a variety of functionalities because they’re a multicooker. The primary feature of any Instant Pot is pressure cooking, giving you the opportunity to make things like beef stew or ribs in under an hour. 

“But wouldn’t I always want to cook things fast? Doesn’t that make it better?” No, not always! Slow cookers and Instant Pots both have a lot to consider when weighing out pros and cons. It all comes down to the type of home cook you are!

Similarities between slow cookers and Instant Pots

  • Both are great for tenderizing cheap cuts of meat.
  • Slow cookers and Instant Pots are phenomenal tools for meal prepping or big-batch cooking. 
  • They’re two of the most cost-effective investments in any kitchen. (Air fryers would round out  the top 3 most useful kitchen gadgets, in my opinion.)
  • You can find both slow cookers and Instant Pots at discounted prices throughout the year. If you’re not looking to break the bank, set an alert on Amazon for a slow cooker or Instant Pot that looks good to you. It’ll likely go on sale well before the holiday sales rush. 

Other differences between slow cookers and Instant Pots

  • Slow cookers often run cheaper than Instant Pots. Sure, you can get slow cookers with a bunch of fancy bells and whistles, but you can also get them for as little as $30. Instant Pots are a bit more expensive; you’ll likely pay close to $80-$100 for one. 
  • Instant Pots don’t hold wide or oddly shaped portions of meat. Slow cookers (which are often oval) can normally accommodate a big brisket or pork shoulder. It’s a little harder to squeeze those into Instant Pots. 
  • Slow cookers typically come with a warming setting. If you want to keep things warm until dinner without needing to reheat, keep your food in the slow cooker on the warm setting and it’ll be good to go!
  • Instant Pots have a ton of diversity in what they can fix. It can slow cook, saute, steam rice, make yogurt, and more. 
  • Slow cookers allow you to season and adjust flavors as you cook. Instant Pots don’t. This is because they’re pressure cookers. If you unlock the lid during the cooking process, you release all the pressure and can compromise the cooking. 
  • If you have kids, Instant Pots can be a bigger safety hazard than slow cookers. Again, they’re pressure cookers. Always follow the instructions on them. 

Which one is right for you? We’re fans of both! If you’re a big meal prepper, you’ve likely got a reason to use both throughout the week. We like to slow-cook meat and veggies in our CrockPockets to maximize cooking time and space. Instant Pot is great for making rice or cooking other grains for the week! 

But then we thought “what if we could maximize the Instant Pot the same way we maximized the slow cooker with Crock Pockets…?”

(Yes, if you’re looking for the announcement teaser, this is it.)

After rounds of testing in our Instant Pot, we’re excited to announce a new product is coming to our store in early 2023! These pockets will divide your Instant Pot space with ease, allowing you to cook and steam more food in one go. 

We’ve got more details to come, including pricing and features. Be sure to follow us on our social channels for the launch! 

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