Perfect Kitchen Accessories for Crockpot and Slow Cooker Fans

Perfect Kitchen Accessories for Crockpot and Slow Cooker Fans

For families, the culinarily challenged, and meal preppers alike, there’s no better kitchen tool than the slow cooker. Slow cookers offer a “set it and forget” ability to enjoy delicious meals, and the cooking process means that even the most hesitant cook can create great dishes each time. Have a slow cooker lover in your life? Here are some great accessories and gadgets to go with their favorite kitchen tool: 

Carrier mitts

Sure, you could use oven mitts, but not all oven mitts can handle the heft of a slow cooker. Finding mitts with grips can be a great way to make sure your slow cooker doesn’t spill while you move it around. We’re big fans of these silicone oven mitts from OXO. Plus, they’re easy to clean! Just rinse them off or wipe them down with a damp cloth. They’re also safe to go in the washing machine. 

Slow cooker travel sleeve

One of the best things about slow cookers is its portability. If you’re headed to a get-together, slow cookers let you transfer your entire warm dish and then keep it warm once you reach your final destination. But if you’re not careful, slow cooker spills can mean disaster on the road. These travel sleeves do a great job of keeping your car safe from any potential spills or drops while transporting your slow cooker dish. We’re big fans of this Crock Caddy from Hamilton Beach. The front zipper means you don’t have to struggle with lifting the slow cooker in and out of the sleeve. 

Roasting racks

Slow cookers are perfect tools for slow-n-low cooked meats. But without roasting racks, the oils and fats dripping off the meat can build up at the bottom of your slow cooker. Silicon or metal roasting rack inserts can allow for the fat to drip off your meat. These racks also lead to a more even cook time and easy clean up. 

Shredder claws

There’s nothing quite like deliciously moist meat from a slow cooker. If you want an easier way to shred meats from your slow cooker, try these shredder claws. You’ll feel a little like Wolverine, but they’re incredibly effective. It also saves you the headache of fighting with forks that never quite seem to do the job.

CrockPockets Silicone Dividers

Yeah, we’re biased, but we think CrockPockets are stellar additions to any slow cooker. With our silicon inserts, home cooks can change up the same recipe (i.e. chili with beans vs chili with no beans) or make multiple recipes at once! They’re sturdy enough to mix ingredients in them before cooking. They’re perfect for families with picky eaters or dietary restrictions, too. 

CrockPockets are a great gift for any kitchen-gadget-loving cook in your life. They also give you the freedom to cook multiple meals at once, saving you time and sparing you more dirty dishes in the process. Order your set today!

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